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Q: Who may join the NJGIA?

A: Sworn Law Enforcement Officials and Criminal Justice Professionals.

Q: Who may join the NJGIA Professional Members Only Website?

A: Educational staff, medical staff, religious organizations, community groups security personnel, healthcare professionals, and other professionals that are interested in New Jersey Gang Awareness, Education, and Current Trends.

Q: How can I become a NJGIA member?

A: To become a member, first click on Application Page link above and completely type in all your information. Print out and mail application along with copy of Law Enforcement verification and membership dues. After the application is processed by a NJGIA board member you will be contacted via email with further membership information.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the NJGIA?

A: Private information sharing and networking website, quarterly newsletter, and valuable contacts throughout the state.

Q: How much does it cost to join the NJGIA?

A: Annual fee of $20.

Q: Do I have to be from New Jersey to become a member?

A: No you are not required to be from NJ, the NJGIA accepts members throughout the U.S.

Q: Who do I contact for additional information about the NJGIA?

A: Contact an NJGIA Manager by completing the form on the Contact page.

Q: I am an NJGIA member- who can I contact for technical assistance?

A: Please go to the Contact page and submit the form with your question.

Q: May I attend the NJGIA Annual Conference if I am not a NJGIA member?

A: Yes you may attend the conference. Included in the conference fee is a one year membership. Annual Conference is for sworn law enforcement only.

Q: Is there any training provided for non-law enforcement professionals?

A: Yes the NJGIA schedules training events throughout New Jersey. Non- law enforcement training events are attended by school employees, medical staff, religious organizations, community groups and other professionals.

Q: How can I schedule a NJGIA training event?

A: A NJGIA Street Gang Awareness and Identification training event can be catered to your needs. Our instructors have lectured to thousands of individuals both Law Enforcement and non- law enforcement. We will cater a training seminar according to your needs and time frame. To setup an event or for additional training information please Contact a NJGIA Board Manager and submit the form with your question.

Q: May I become an NJGIA member if I am a retired Law Enforcement Official?

A: Yes retired LEOs are welcomed to join as long as you retired from your agency in good standing.

Q: What topics are discussed by the NJGIA members?

A: Street gang identification and awareness issues, gang prevention and suppression, gang trends, gang training and education issues, all gang related issues and topics.

Q: Is the information exchanged on the discussion forum secure?

A: The members only area is password protected and monitored. When posting a message or sharing information only NJGIA members have access to that posted information. The information and photographs shared are sent via email to our members. To increase security the NJGIA messages contain no case sensitive information, no facial photographs, and no specific pedigree information. The NJGIA takes all possible measures to secure our members' information.

Q: If I am a member of another gang Investigator association can I still become an NJGIA member?

A: Absolutely! The NJGIA encourages that you do.

Q: Who reviews my membership application information?

A: Your complete membership information is only seen and reviewed by the NJGIA Executive Board. At no time will any personal information be copied, shared, or compromised. NJGIA members' information is kept secured and confidental at all times. The only information you are required to provide to other NJGIA members are your full name, organization/agency name, and your email address. If a NJGIA member ever retires their membership, all membership information is detroyed in a timely manner.

Q: What happens after I am approved for NJGIA membership?

A: After the application is processed by an NJGIA board member you will be contacted via email with further membership instructions.

Q: Who are the NJGIA Board Members?

A: All NJGIA board members are all active or retired Law Enforcement Officials. For a list of board members please visit the Board Members page on this website.

Q: Does the NJGIA have bylaws and may I view them?

A: Yes the NJGIA has Bylaws. The Bylaws can be viewed at anytime by the NJGIA members in the Members Only section. If you would like to read the NJGIA Bylaws please go to the Contact NJGIA page and submit the form. Please include your contact information and reason for requesting to review the Bylaws.






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