2/19/2017 6:28:04 PM

Greetings Law Enforcement Officials,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the New Jersey Gang Investigators Association or NJGIA.

The NJGIA was established in 2006 by a group of law enforcement professionals who recognized the importance of having a gang based information sharing network narrowly but intensely focused on responding to the proliferation of street gangs in New Jersey. Like other states along the East Coast, a phenomenon also exists in New Jersey where well-established criminal street gangs hailing from the West Coast, Mid West, and South West have recently, and  increasingly joined the population of our existing gangs, bringing the potential of further criminal networking to a new and more threatening level.       

The proposed Executive Board of the NJGIA is comprised of varied active law enforcement professionals dedicated to providing the best training, gang awareness, and networking while striving to keep the needs of New Jersey 1st!

NJGIA will remain committed to bridging the lines of communication between all aspects of law enforcement and providing the most current and reliable information to our membership. In recognizing that any association is only as strong as its membership, NJGIA pledges to put its membership first as well, with each and every member held at the highest regard. It is a strong belief of this association that we collectively have an equal voice as we unite in this endeavor to combat against the advancement of street gangs in our communities and the state of New Jersey.

The necessity to form this association has been clearly communicated within the law enforcement community, as well as the general public. We encourage and ask you to help put New Jersey 1st!


NJGIA Executive Board

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